Wednesday, October 31, 2007

One finished (baby) sweater

I have a finished item, which is of some surprize since I seem to have many items that I start, but not so many that I finish. This is a little baby sweater that I actually started months ago, and then hesitated to finish once I reached the button hole bands. I thought that I didn't have enough yarn to finish, so I tried numerous contrasting yarns until yesterday when I said to myself, maybe I should just see if I have enough of the original yarn. Well, low and belold, I had just enough, with a couple of inches to spare! So, now I just have to find little buttons. And a baby to give it to.

I also started a new project yesterday (surprize). My first attempt at fair isle. So far so good. I am making these cool leg warmers from Melanie Falick's "Handknit Holidays" (cause I am sure that my wardrobe despirately needs a pair!!!).

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