Tuesday, October 23, 2007

So many projects, so little time

First things first, my 100% silk scarf is done, blocked, and ready to wear. The pattern is Isobel from Cider Moon. This lovely yarn was from the Sanguine Gryphon's etsy shop. It was so nice to work with. And it just feels luxurious to be knitting away on silk. (PS, I also made the dress, years ago, and never wear it because I don't go anywhere where I could wear a little dress. Same reason that I most likely won't wear this scarf. But it was still great to knit it!)

My next lacey project will also be from Gryphon yarn. Remember the laceweight that I bought in the spring. Well, it is now rolled up and ready to be made into

Next, I finished one of the mad colour weave socks. As much as I love this yarn and pattern so much, I still have trouble finishing things, so I am taking things slow and trying to not stress myself into never finishing the project at all. The way I figure it, if I just knit away on whatever I feel like at any given moment, eventually most of the projects will get done, right? (maybe)

Finally, in exciting news, I went out and bought a ball winder! I know, I know, first the silk, then the ball winder... I am becoming a spoiled knitter! But what I told myself was that it doesn't look like yarn is going to disappear from my life, so I may accessorize. No more old toilet paper rolls for me! :)

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