Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Matching Scarf

Ok, Today's project (and I guess yesterdays too), is this lovely matching Noro scarf to my Noro hat from the previous post. It is colour 209 of Kureyon, which, in this ball, is primarily pink, although in my hat the colours varied more uniformly. Ahhh, the joy of Noro! :) Stay tuned though, because I see some blue, green, and gold coming soon on the ball.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Looky what I made!

After a couple months long hiatus from blogging, I have now reestablished myself in a town that has highspeed internet, and coincidentally found the immediate urge to create a hat! This is probably not that coincidental, since it is the fall urge which draws us back to towns with schools (and high speed internet) and towards the need to have warm things for winter (at least in Northern Canada this happens). Anyway, this is what has happened for me. I also bought super bulky wool to make my hubby some thick thick winter socks. Ahgh, I can't believe that summer has left me so quickly. Oh well, I guess winter lends itself better to knitting anyway.

So, here is my hat: Noro, of course! Sooooo wonderfully fun to work with. I absolutely love the colours. Can't get enough. Must make matching scarf.