Tuesday, October 9, 2007

To Ply or not to Ply

So, yesterday I ended up spinning up all of the rest of the roving I had: 4oz of Primaries Plus from Eagle's Find Etsy store. This time was quite a bit thicker than my first attempt. I spun it into two separate balls and then rewound them onto toilet paper rolls.

Then I just sort of winged it, and busily started plying the two singles together. I had no really idea what I was doing, but the two singles twisted together when I spun them counterclockwise, which I believe is exactly what they were supposed to do! It all went so fast. Suddenly, I was done. And, to my pleasent surprize, they weren't overtwisted this time. Here is me rolling up a skein on my arm.

And voila, the completed skeins. I am super pumped about this! Unfortunately, there is so little yarn there, I'm not really sure what to make with it. Probably a kid's hat or something. Whatever it becomes, it sure will be pretty (in my humble opinion).

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