Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Exam Knitting

So, you would think that what with a week of exams that have just finished, I wouldn't have got much knitting done. But, they really encourage stress reduction these days, so I found myself doing a lot of knit-for-five-minutes-study-for-two kinda thing. I really think it paid off, :) (more fun than just studying, anyway). So, heres a little project that I started between exam#1 and exam#2:

Now I really will take a little blogging break though, as I am heading off on a little post-exam road trip.... A few socks on needles in my hands, of course.


Anonymous said...

Exam time does inspire a lot of progress on other projects

Anonymous said...

What lovely projects, and it seems that the exams didn't suffer either. Maybe the knitting helped!