Monday, April 16, 2007

Blogging Away

Ok, Knitting blogs are everywhere! I love reading them, and have decided that I have enough stuff on the go to entertain the masses with my own tantilizing knitting stories too! I am one of those knitters who LOVES starting projects, but am really bad at finishing them. I literally have probably over 50 projects on the go. Maybe more. There are so many tucked away in rooms of my house that I don't even go into for fear of seeing all my stash and feeling guilty about buying more and/or starting yet another project. I will eventually try to catalogue all my WIPs for y'all (oh, who am I kidding, i'm doing it for me! To bring stuff to the light of day that I haven't seen in months, maybe years! Let's call it spring cleaning).

Ok, a quick writeup of my knitterly interests:
- I love working with larger needles, cause then I can knit a larger amount before I invariably loose interest in the project
- I love the tactile stimulation of digging my fingers into balls of yarn
- (ok this one may make some people hate me) I sometimes delve into crochetting because it is a fast and fun diversion for me
- I join sock knit alongs to give me the motivation to finish 2 socks in a pair instead of just one
- My friend across the street is getting her dog's fur spun up so she can make a scarf out of it (I know that one has nothing to do with me but it is neat)
- Looking around the computer room, I see no less than 5 projects in various stages of completion sitting around (and, I also see 3 little FINISHED baby sweaters and FINISHED 1 baby hat - See, I can finish things, but they have to be mini!)

K, that's enough for now. I will leave you with some pics of the WIPs I have in this room

I just noticed something wierd about my colour choices... seems as though I have a bit of an orange and pink thing going on! Crazy!! :)

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