Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Some Adorably Finished Projects

Here are some projects that I have recently finished. I love making baby outfits, mainly because they are tiny (so I can easily finish them), and also cause they are cute. And maybe the moms actually appreciate homemade stuff... (that one I'm not as sure of). So, here are some gifts for a few of this world's newest additions.

The two little crocheted kimonos are for some brand new twins. I realize that if they are both wearing their new little sweaters they will clash a little, but oh well.

The little crocheted hoodie with the girly funfur trim is actually too small for its intended recipient, so I am going to have to wait for a new baby to give it to. But it is cute, eh?

And finally, the one I am most proud of (cause it actually took some time and effort to construct, and turned out darn good, in my humble opinion) is the pastel knitted sweater for made for the as-of-yet unborn baby of a good friend of mine. Just needs some buttons and its good to go.

Ahhh, baby things.

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