Thursday, November 15, 2007

3 Ply

Ok, my plan had been to make a thick yarn, not quite as thick as my second yarn attempt. But apparently beginner spinners do not get to choose what they spin... The Spinning Wheel decides what they get to spin.

So, I ended up with really thin yarn. I thought at first, oh, this is cool, I can spin thin yarn. And I kept on that way for awhile. Until I realized, I don't want thin yarn, I want a big chunky hat. So, I pulled the thin stuff that I made off the wheel and decided that I would make it into three ply yarn. (Keep in mind, I only have 1 bobbin, so here I am winding it into 3 separate tiny balls... if someone has a better idea, please help me out!). It worked out ok for a first try. It is sort of even, and kind of chunky.
But it wasn't the look that I was going for. So, I sat back down at the wheel to spin some thick yarn, and awhile later I realized that I was making thin yarn again.

So, I guess will have a little less chunky of a hat...

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